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“Fresh Start”

Mixed media

16” x 16”

I’m so pleased to present my newest Mosaic Bead Painting: Fresh Start. This artwork is covered, edge-to-edge in glass seed beads and has wire, chain, rhinestone, and glass crystal accents.

I created this piece by setting beads, one-at-a-time, into a layer of wax that functions as an adhesive. This form of beading was created by the ancient, Wixárika people who are often referred to as Huichol. I created this artwork with approximately 60,000 seed beads.

This piece as a testimony to the healing triumph of the human heart. Whether this speaks to you as healing from illness, repairing a broken heart, or reclaiming one’s heart and spirit after a traumatic experience, it’s all about experiencing the life’s bounty after a life altering experience.

The chrysalis on heart symbolizes how we are changed by difficult experiences/events by acknowledging this process isn’t an easy one. This transformation takes hard work, dedication and pain. This victory is not for the faint of heart.


  • Original artwork is non refundable, non returnable.

  • Artwork is sealed with a professional, acrylic varnish.

    To protect the color and integrity of your artwork out of direct sunlight, and away from a heat source.

    To clean, wipe with soft, damp cloth.

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