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Acrylic printing creates a depth and impact that is particularly suited for Mosaic Bead Painting prints. 

Acrylic printing offers the closet experience to viewing an original artwork in person, this is especially true for my artwork. 

You will enjoy Mosaic Bead Paintings the superior quality and a clean finish.

Tea Reader features a whimsical birdie, peering into a teacup adorned with mosaic china pieces as he reads your fortune. 

Set against the backdrop of Arts & Crafts styled wallpaper the original artwork is a favorite among social media followers.

Deep, rich colors, shading, freshwater pearls and repeating flower patterns create an opulent presence, hinting at another world where animals can talk and tell fortunes.

Built to last, this acrylic print will add an element of sophistication to any space. These are lightweight, shatterproof, and temperature-resistant, making them easy to mount on your walls. 
They are made from high-quality materials, can maintain their vibrant colors and crisp details for years.

Tea Reader Acrylic Print

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